Dedicated to the pursuit of great sound, Darren Baum has been recording and mixing professionally since 2013.  Constant effort and endless practice have been the key to developing the skills necessary to refine and maximize the potential of the projects he produces.  He is always learning, always refining, always pushing for better skills.  Darren earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and worked as an engineer for 15 years before building Sonic Piranha from the ground up.  The focus has always been on acquiring the tools and refining the acoustics of the spaces in order to achieve excellence in sound quality and a unique recording experience that is relaxed and low stress while at the same time capturing the  full impact of the sounds being produced.  When it comes to mixing, he is detail oriented and constantly attentive to the big picture and emotional impact of each song. Trustworthy and talented, his reputation is solid and he is ready to help you get your songs out to the world in the best light possible.